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Cello Bows

E Dorfler head.jpg
W Seifert head.jpg
A Reis head.jpg
Vickers head.jpg
English head.jpg
German head.jpg
Arcus M6 head.jpg
Arcus S5 head.jpg
Arcus M4 head.jpg
Durrschmidt head.jpg
Raposo head.jpg
Raposo 4 head.jpg
German 2 head.jpg
Dodd style head.jpg
Knoll head.jpg
Knoll 2 head.jpg
Hoyer head.jpg
baroque head
This represents a small selection of cello bows available to try in the shop
E Dorfler frog.jpg
W Seifert frog.jpg
A Reis frog.jpg

A. Reis
We currently have a selection of ten professional cello bows made by Alesio Reis. Prices from £1250

E. Dorfler. £2500
We currently have two in stock with silver engraved ferrule and adjusters.

W. Seifert 80.4gr  £1650
An older bow in excellent condition.

Vickers frog.jpg
English frog.jpg
German frog.jpg

Stamped J.E.Vickers 78.8gr  £1250
Excellent quality second hand bow of professional quality.

Antique English bow, unstamped. 84gr £950

Unstamped German bow 82.2gr £950

Arcus M6 frog.jpg
Arcus S5 frog.jpg
Arcus M4 frog.jpg

New Arcus M6  74.4gr  professional carbon fibre bow  RRP £2214
our price  £1950

New Arcus S5  70.5gr  professional carbon fibre bow  RRP £1682 
our price  £1400

New Arcus M4  70.6gr  carbon fibre bow with snakewood frog  RRP £1372 
our price  £995

Durrschmidt frog.jpg
Raposo frog.jpg

Otto Durrschmidt 83.5gr  £950

Marco Raposo
two silver mounted bows available at 82.8gr and 81gr £895 each

Raposo 4 frog.jpg

Marco Raposo
two available at 82.6gr, and 83.2gr.   £750 each

German 2 frog.jpg

Unstamped silver mounted bow 80.4gr  £695

Dodd style frog.jpg

Antique Dodd style bow  74.6gr £650

Knoll frog.jpg

Alfred Knoll  83gr  £650

Knoll 2 frog.jpg

Alfred Knoll  82.9gr  £525

Hoyer frog.jpg

P. Hoyer 83.4gr  £385

baroque frog

Baroque cello bow by Roy Collins £950

vigneron cello bow 1.jpg

A Vigneron of Paris clearly stamped above the original lapping, beautiful bow  £9500

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