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The shop is open by appointment, 9am to 9pm, seven days per week (when we don't have any other personal commitments). It's good to know a rough idea of the quality, grade or budget so we can have a good selection of instrument tuned and ready for you to try. We can answer any of your questions regarding the instruments and help with the selection process if needed. 

The way business is now conducted online with the increasing amounts of fraud and organised crime we are having to change the way we work with our customers. To combat these issues we are setting out several options to buy an instrument from our shop;

A. - At your service - If you are an existing customer or a pupil of a teacher we know and have dealt with in the past, you are welcome to take the violin on a weeks trial.

B. - Bespoke service - If you visit the shop and like an instrument or bow, you can pay with a full 14 day money back guarantee. Even after this, if you discover the violin is not working for you or want a change we will exchange it for something similar after 2, 3 or even 12 months. It is no good for you or us to sell an instrument that you don't enjoy playing.

C. - Custom doorstep service - If you can't get to the shop but like an instrument you see on the website, you can reserve it for up to 10 days, or for a fee of £250 we will visit you (up to 100 miles away excluding central London) along with three other similar violins to try in your house for up to 2 hours. If you purchase one of the violins the £250 fee will be deducted from the price, and like before we will always exchange an instrument within 12 months. 

Please note that if you are exchanging an instrument it needs to be in the same condition as sold otherwise a fee agreeable to both parties will be levied to bring it back up to a saleable condition.

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