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Viola Bows

This represents a selection of viola bows available in the shop to try
Hill head.jpg
Hill frog.jpg

Hill Viola bow   71gr  Sold

T Pampolin head.jpg
T Pampolin frog.jpg

T. Pampolin Brazil 72gr £579

Arthur Froma head.jpg
Arthur Froma frog.jpg

Arthur Froma  69.4gr  £695

A Reis head.jpg
A Reis frog.jpg

A. Reis  70.4gr
We currently have a selection of six high quality professional bows by Alesio Reis from £1250

Marco Raposo head.jpg
carbon head.jpg
Werner head.jpg
Hoyer head.jpg
Dorfler head.jpg
Schneider head.jpg
Marco Raposo frog.jpg
carbon frog.jpg
Werner frog.jpg

Marco Raposo 71.3gr  £850

Carbon Fibre composite bow  65.8gr  £99

G Werner  71gr  £295

Hoyer frog.jpg

P Hoyer  72gr  £265

Dorfler frog.jpg

W. Dorfler  71.2gr  £245

Joh. Schneider  73.8 gr  £179

Schneider frog.jpg
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